MagicalShorts : The Moment

I walked in.
There was the crowd.
All was still, everyone was numb..
Everyone faded, I saw her.
Her laugh
Hey eyes.
Her smile.
Her joy.
I knew it was her,
The one I waited for.
She filled my heart with love,
She brought hope to my life.
World didn’t exist.
The spark did.
Between two hearts.
That fell in love.
Cherished it was,
The moment.

Will you? ♥ – Part 2

Let’s ignite our souls.
With the flame called love.
Where our sorrows burn to ashes.
And brighten our lives. ♥

Let’s walk on the stairway.
Where my love will take you higher.
With every step, I promise.
I’d hold your hand till the end. ♥

My love shall wrap you in it,
Where you’d be safe from the world.
All the sorrows and pain,
I shall take them on me, first. ♥

I shall steal away your words,
That describes meaning of love.
I would show it to you, the real love
My heart to yours, you breathless. ♥

Let me be the imperfection,
In your life so perfect.
For my love, will be the purest,
Like the drop of rain, untouched. ♥

I will surrender myself to you.
Every inch my heart,
Every second of my life,
Every draw of my breath. ♥

With a promise called forever,
You shall be the love of my life.
With my heart for offer,
Will you offer back the same? ♥

Her eyes!

The crowd stood still,
The chatter went nil.
As she walked into the hall,
My heart felt the chills.

With the grace of an Angel,
There she was, the prettiest of all.
She was so perfect, that imperfections were lies.
But all I could see was her beautiful eyes.

Those eyes.
Her eyes!

Her eyes, they twinkled so bright,
Like a cluster of stars at night.
They eased pain off my soul,
The joy of my heart knew no bounds.

Deeper than the ocean, clear as skies.
Those eyes where I could drown myself.
Or fly like an eagle so high.
I fell, for those big beautiful eyes.

Her eyes spoke, her eyes expressed.
Not everyone could read her wishes.
Down into the lane of her eyes,
I saw the spark of my life.

Time flew, as I did nothing but stare.
The world didn’t exist, I didn’t exist.
Everything was empty,  but her eyes.
And I wanted to stare them a my life.

Those eyes.
Her eyes!

Without you.

With you, life had its destiny.
With you, love had its meaning.
With you, heart had its reasons,
With you, moments had its charm.

Where the cloud had its silver line,
When the hearts had their perfect rhyme,
Where the soul found its bliss,
How did you just walk away?

Now these endless nights,
Where I count the stars to the infinite,
With my love beyond them,
You were the moon of my night.

Those moments we shared,
Shatter, making my life so bizzare.
Ironical how beautiful memories,
Could reform, to bitterness so painful.

Lost in the world of darkness,
Where the heart knows only hopelessness,
With every step, on the way of thorns,
I bleed, my dream of love.

On the path of unknown,
I wander,
Where you put me,
Where I am,

Without you.


As they walked, on the shore barefooted.
The waves kissed their feet, hands held each other.
A whisper, I love you passed from the guy to girl..

As she moved away with shyness, he pushed her back into his arms.

He held her so close so tight.
She wrapped her arms around his neck.

The moment so perfect.
The waves washed away the world.
Their lips met.

He slowly rubbed his lips against hers.. Faded was the entire universe to her. Passion bled from their hearts.

He bit her lower lip, chewed it, held it with his teeth and pulled ’em.

Teased her tongue with his.
Pressed them hard, kissed them like the world was about to end.

The world did end,
That moment began, love.


My words will stab you like a knife.
Will slaughter your heart into pieces.
Multiple times. Millions. Zillions.
As you suffer, in ruthless agony.

Your soul will burn in darkness.
Where you kept me, all this while.
Your happiness will find grave.
Where you buried mine.

I’ll make you cry.
I’ll break your heart and soul. 
I’ll laugh at your tears.
Watch your tear apart.

For every bit of pain.
For every bit of a sorrow.
For everything you did.
Like a boomerang, will come the dread.
Back from where it came.

Karma will fall back on you.
Stronger and Wilder.
It will have me.
My vengeance.

My revenge.