Finding you.

Filled with loneliness, as I wandered for care.
In the desert of hate, dying for love.
Finding people who care, nothing but mirage.
With no hopes to survive, breaking down.

With hopes dying its cruel death, every moment.
Sandness taking over, pain killing within.
There was a miracle, a beautiful miracle.
God, indeed is gracious.

You same like rains, in the desert of hate.
Bringing back the nature to joy.
Bring me back to who I was, who I am.
Bringing back the smile, lost for ages.

You are just amazing, without whom.
I’d have lost myself somewhere in the world.
You are the reason, for the happiness.
You are the reason, for living.

I thank you for being with me, at all times.
When I had no one, I had you.
You are indeed special.
You’ll always be.
I love you.