Striving, to Survive.

The days ends, to show him the darkness.
Where he finds himself alone, in agony.
The day that passed, to give him pain.
The life he lives, that kills his happiness.

The masked, existed around him.
Showing they care, to loot what he has.
Taking all he has, evilness under the mask.
Stabbed from behind, unaware of the truth.

People, no less than blood-sucking zombies.
Ask him for help, which he does offer.
Eating him up, in disguise of help.
His pure heart that helped, eaten by monsters.

He struggled, he broke, he died within.
To find all the doors closed, for him.
The masked, unmasked their reality.
The people, showed their fakeness.

Why has God chosen him for all this pain.
Why was he the host for parasite to survive.
Why was his pure heart, stomped by all.
Why did he had only sadness to live with.

With sadness and pain.
With stabs on his heart.
With his eyes bleeding.
He strived hard,
To survive.