The Perfect One.


Love, that beautiful feeling.
Which does a lot of healing.
Love which has a deep meaning,
Only when we have someone showing.

Trying to find it’s depth,
Trying to find it’s worth.
Sounds completely worthless,
Coz it’s better than anything else.

The person who brings love,
Is that perfect someone.
Bringing you to path of care,
When you’re just lost somewhere.

Those moments of love you’ll rejoice,
Because you’ve made a choice.
A decision to be  with the perfect one,
Who will be your number one.

To tell you the truth,
Love isn’t a fruit.
It doesn’t just have happiness,
It also has pain and sadness.

With them you’ll find sweetness,
Even though there is sadness.
It’s just the beauty of love,
That would save you somehow.

Your life will sing the melody,
With beautiful moments of rarity.
With someone so perfect,
On Whom you can never suspect.

With them would come lots of sharing,
Just because there exists lots of caring.
You’ll be their everything,
They will your everything.

You life would just bloom,
And it’d never gloom.
With someone you’ve chosen,
Who is The Perfect One.


My Cry – Gudiya.


I was born to this world,
Those precious days,
In my mother’s womb,
After which, I finally bloomed.

I was welcomed,
With people calling me “Lakshmi”,
With Happy tears in my eyes,
I had my first cry.

Days passed by,
My loved ones with me,
They taught me,
To walk, talk and smile.

This life was a boon,
I was the princess.
With my family precious,
and my dolls and toys.

Little did I know,
About this world so cruel,
Came a person who,
Was no less that an demon.

The age when I was,
Supposed to play with my toys.
I was used as a toy,
Breaking my world into shatter.

I knew nothing but pain,
Those two cruel days,
How would someone play.
With just pure innocence?

I was a princess, a doll.
I was to be gifted a toffee.
And not the pain which.
The cruel demon gave me.

My cry would never be heard,
This world has been just cruel.
It has given me just pain,
And I know nothing what was done.

I’m still fighting,
I will fight till end,
But If I was born to see this day,
Why wasn’t I killed in womb itself?

This is about the 5-year old “Gudiya” who was brutally raped in Delhi. Her pain, when she was just a pure innocence and nothing else.

Write you a letter..


I’ll write you a letter,
That I’ll never send.

I’d write down every single thing.
Every single moment.
That happened between us.
Those precious moments of our lives.

That letter would be everything.
A Love Letter.
A Hate Letter.
A Funny Letter.
A Happy Letter.
A Sad Letter.
A mixture of all.
A letter of Life. Our life.

Which does’t have “US” anymore.
It’s You and I, on our separate ways.
It will have my feelings for you.
That you don’t care anymore about.

It will have every memory of us.
That makes my heart pain now.
It will have every special moment of us.
That aren’t worth remembering anymore.

It will have every plan I made with you.
That wont happen, ever.

I’ll still write you a letter,
That I’ll never send.

Because I know that,
After what you did to me.
You are not and you’ll never be strong enough to read it.

An inspiration from Mahima Kukreja’s Blogpost. 

The Pain.

Almost dead now.
You ask me how?
The pain you gave me.
I pours down like rain.

Everything’s gone.
I was such a fool when I was two.
But you could have saved us too.
With this pain, Its hard to live.

Someone who just dreamt of love.
You’d probably never look back.
Just because you’re not strong enough.
Even to look at the mess of my life you made.

I still have to live.
I will live.
With the pain you gave me.
Which will stay forever.

Broken Dreams. Shattered Life.

boulevard of broken dreams 1

How easy was it for her to walk away from his life.
Replace his place, with someone else.
All the dreams, he made.
He watched her living them with someone else.

Did she even realize what she did to him?
He didn’t lose her alone.
He lost all his dreams.
His memories now prick him.

Those perfect moments with her.
Which he wanted to preserve forever.
Now he never wants to remember.
He had nobody to love.

His life was filled with loneliness.
So miserable. So pathetic.
His everything was gone.
She was his everything.

But, She left him lonely.
No matter what she did.
His stupid heart still loved him.
He was numb. He was crazy.

She didn’t care.
He wished she did.
He now was alone.
Walking in his lonely path.

Broken Dreams.
Shattered Life.

Stay Strong.

Life. A mixture of emotions.
It doesn’t go our way, always.
We need love, care and happiness.
But we also need to learn how to,
Handle hate, sorrow and pain.
Sometimes you dream,
About care and happiness.
And you’re left with,
Nothing but sorrow and pain.

A famous life from Batman Begins,
‘Why do we fall?’

Yes? Why does God make us fall?

So that we can rise again,
Rise better than ever.

The value of Joy and Happiness,
Without Sorrow is probably NIL.

If we are ready to take happiness, anytime.
We also need to be strong enough to accept pain.
We need to rise back, again.

Ever seen a door?
Some push it, some pull.
It still goes back to where it was.

Life is similar. People will push/pull you.
You must come back to where you are.

Optimism is a boon.
It helps your life flow in a postive way.
Yes, I can. My life is awesome.
These keep us strong.

Pain is part of life. 
Days pass, wounds heal.
Being sad about it won’t help.

So let the past remain in the past.
Present is in our hands.
Pain and Sorrow aren’t permanent.

Get Up.

Rise, Stronger Than Ever.



There was a dream.
A dream full of love.
A dream of precious moments with the perfect one.
A dream that was his everything.
A dream which he wanted to live.
A dream that he made for her.
A dream, which she made him to see.
A dream, which they both had.

The time came, to live his dream.
But, He saw shatter. She’s didn’t.
She had the dreams, he didn’t.
He watched his dream lived by her.
Yes. She lived their dream, with someone else.
His plans, his dream broke like glass.
He didn’t live to see this.
He had the dream for them, not She and Someone else.

His dream was taken away.
She stole his dream.
He was left alone by her, for someone else.
She didn’t even leave his dream with him.

He was the artitech of their perfect dream.
That was lived by her with someone else.

He now, walked alone.
No dreams, No love.
He was left with,
A broken heart.
A shattered dream.