Once god played flappy bird and then came volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tsunami and all crap.

Here’s the assholy viral game sensation.

Fukin’ Flappy Bird.

Swear? Why?

Cause its fucking annoying.

This crappy bird falls at a higher speed than normal and flaps doesn’t increase the birds velocity. Read some where bla.

But what I get  crash crash crash crash crash crash crash and godddamn fucking crash.


This flappy bird is the real ANGRY

Stop flappy bird.
Start fappy bird.
Relax and be happy.


Love – Simple. Sweet, Pure.

As we walk, along the shore.
The waves, touching our bare feet.
Holding out hands.
Uniting our souls.
Sweet. Simple. Love.

The window. The dampness. 
Those gloomy days. 
Where I holds you beside me. 
As the rains pour down, 
Droplets of love. 
Pure, untouched.

When I lie on her lap. 
When she hugs me from behind. 
When our smile speak, words stay silent. 
When our eyes love, body stay numb.

It doesn’t unite bodies. 
It doesn’t unite minds. 
It unites the eternal feelings, 
The internal souls, 
The heartbeats.

Those simple moments. 
The imperfect ones. 
Become the one, to cherish. 
With the perfect one.
With the feeling called love.

No matter how we complicate it. 
But it stays the same. 
Sweet. Pure. Forever. 
The most simple feeling, 


The Way, You make me feel.

I knew you were special from the very start,
When you are around,
Everything just embraces and warms my entire being.

When I talk to you.
Something envelopes my body, my heart.
A shining, uplifting, persistent feeling.
The burst happiness, unexplainable.

This special feeling lights my soul on fire,
It burns with amazing delight, warm desire.
Spreading the lights of joy.

The way you make me feel.
The way you make my heart, lighten up.
The sweet, unknown feeling.

She, Is Love.

Her eyes shine upon me, like sun shines upon earth.
The reason why life exists, the reason why I survive.

Her voice fills my ears, with the tunes of love.
Unsynced, No Rhyme, No tune.
Like the sound of nature.
So real. So pure. So deep.

Her lips spoke the words of my heart.
That I could never tell.
She felt me in her,
Like we were one. United. Inseparable.

Her breath made me feel, intimacy of the moments.
With her, which I could cherish.
All my life and after.

Her hands, didn’t touch my body.
They touched my internal soul.
With the passion of love,
Immortal, lighting the flame of happiness.

Her hugs.
Takes out the pains in me.
Heals the inner scars like magic.
Makes me feel like, paradise on earth.

My heart beats.
Searching for hers.
To make them what’s called, perfect.
To make them one.
To make them, forever.

Her love. Makes me speechless.
Cause it can never be put into words.
The way it feels.
The way it, makes life.

The Evil, Rises.


Your souls will burn in hell.
Till every inch of virtue becomes vice.
With every death of a good soul,
Rises Satan, powerful than ever.

Blood shall be shed.
Happiness will be in the kill.
Death shall be given,
To the saviours of love.

When evil rises, hate wins.
Hatred shall take over.
Pain will be the ultimate truth.
Destruction will be the end.

Evil, shall rise.
Survive, forever. 


Why do my eyes still search for you.
In crowd, where I have no one to love.
Why do my heart still believes,
In those promises that were fake.

Why do those memories still,
Linger in my mind, refusing to leave.
Why does your thought still,
Kindles the flame of my love.

Why do those moments still,
Stay and make it a beautiful pain.
Why does your love still,
Makes me feel so warm.

Even though it was nothing but a lie,
A pit dug, to make my heart fall.
Into the grave of misery and pain.
Why did you, why did you?