Love – Simple. Sweet, Pure.

As we walk, along the shore.
The waves, touching our bare feet.
Holding out hands.
Uniting our souls.
Sweet. Simple. Love.

The window. The dampness. 
Those gloomy days. 
Where I holds you beside me. 
As the rains pour down, 
Droplets of love. 
Pure, untouched.

When I lie on her lap. 
When she hugs me from behind. 
When our smile speak, words stay silent. 
When our eyes love, body stay numb.

It doesn’t unite bodies. 
It doesn’t unite minds. 
It unites the eternal feelings, 
The internal souls, 
The heartbeats.

Those simple moments. 
The imperfect ones. 
Become the one, to cherish. 
With the perfect one.
With the feeling called love.

No matter how we complicate it. 
But it stays the same. 
Sweet. Pure. Forever. 
The most simple feeling, 



The Way, You make me feel.

I knew you were special from the very start,
When you are around,
Everything just embraces and warms my entire being.

When I talk to you.
Something envelopes my body, my heart.
A shining, uplifting, persistent feeling.
The burst happiness, unexplainable.

This special feeling lights my soul on fire,
It burns with amazing delight, warm desire.
Spreading the lights of joy.

The way you make me feel.
The way you make my heart, lighten up.
The sweet, unknown feeling.