Will you?

Lets bet with our hearts at stake. You lose yours to me, or let me lose mine to you. ♥

Lets fight a battle, where I’ll lose and you can conquer my heart ♥

With all my love, you’ll feel like a raindrop. That’d never fall on Earth and retain it’s purity, forever ♥

I’ll make you realize the meaning of love. Not with words or actions. My heart with silently show it to your heart ♥

I’ll mesmerise you, to steal all your pain away. Show you happiness, joy and love ♥

With all my love, you’ll rule the kingdom of my heart. With a promise to be yours forever, will you promise me the same? ♥


I Love You.

I love you.
Not because of what you are.
Because you made me who I am.

I love you.
For those thoughts of mine,
That were set free by you.

I love you.
For your caring.
That makes my life so complete.

I love you.
For all the faith you have in me,
That soothes my weary soul.

I love you.
For your patience,
That makes me stay too.

I love you.
For all those fights.
That doesn’t end us, but makes us stronger.

I love you.
For giving me a friend,
That will always stay really close.

I love you.
For your hugs,
Giving the warmth of your embrace.

I love you.
For the kiss,
That takes away my pain.

I love you.
For the boost you give,
That keeps my life going.

For all these,
You make my life.
To tell you the truth,
You ARE my life.
You will always be.

I’ll hold you.
I’ll make you feel like the,
most luckiest person on earth.

I will always beside you.
Keep you strong.

For you’ve been the best thing ever happened to me.

I will,
I will,



Love you.


With the world so crowded.
With me feeling so grounded.

That lost smile of mine.
Will my face ever shine.

With that loneliness in heart.
Life has become so hard.

Will the time ever come?
Where you’ll have someone.

Will I really get the one,
Or spend my life, Alone?



When I see you,
All I see is Hearts.

When you look at me,
I smile instantly.

When I talk to you,
I feel flattered.

When you smile,
You make my heart fill with joy.

When you hug me,
My heart skips a beat.

When you kiss me,
I fly in the sky.

When you’re sad,
My heart cries.

When you cry,
I break too.

When I see you.
I know.
You’re the one for me.

When you say, I love you.
I will surrender my life to you.

Yes, YOU! ❤

You mean the world to me.
You’re my heartbeat.
You’re my life.
You’re my everything.

You’re my girl.
I love you. ❤