A Beautiful, Nightmare.


Feeling so alone, in crowd of millions.
Tears fall like a flowing river.
Why has life shown this day?
Why has god chosen me for this pain?

A night full of darkness.
Where light loses it’s battle.
Darkness rule the world.
Where hope, joy and happiness dies it’s cruel death.

When you’re used as a wine glass.
Making the person happy, drunk and hit.
Thrown to wall after the work is done.
Shatter and nothing else.

Locked with the beauty of fake promises.
Stabbed with the knife of trust.
Buried in grave of surreal dreams.

Her beautiful eyes lied.
Her smile pricked.
Her kiss poisoned.
Her hugs crushed.
Her love killed.
Trusting her, buried.

When mistakes kill your senses.
Your heart refuses to beat.
You brain stays confused.
You stay numb.
When life is still, like a dead.

A beautiful dream, turned into a nightmare.
All it took was a few seconds.
It was Moments of bliss becoming moments of regrets.

Those moments that were locked up in the safest place of heart.
Those memories you wanted never to erase.
Haunt now like fierce ghosts.

When clouds defeat the sun and pour down.
Those rains that showed you love and romance.
Now shows you pain and sorrow.

When you want your closed eyes to never open again.
When you want your heart to never beat again.
When you want the world to end.

Still trying to find that Ray Of Hope.
With no inspiration at all.
Falling down numerable times on thorns,
to stand again, Strong.

Knowing the fact that,
Only hugging death can ease your pains.


Beauty, Fades.


She stands there, Elegantly in the crowd.

With beautiful tunes of melody playing,

In the ears of the people who see her.

Fair as snow, Sweet as honey.

As she smiles, flower bloom at their best.

She’s the queen of only eighteen.

Shining like the moon in a darkest night.

Finding so many people falling for her,

Just because of Infatuation.

She was adored for her looks.

She was loved for her face.

With her outer beauty, Her inner one was unnoticed.

Finding the perfect one was a challenge.

With everyone falling for her outer beauty,

How could she find someone who’d love for her inner one?

For beauty will fade someday.

Like every flower does.

Which gets thrown after it loses it’s beauty and smell.

Will She will be loved even when that happens?

Will the her heart will find the another one always with her?

She stayed there, with her confused thoughts.

Searching for that one, who ‘d love her for who she was.

Moment Of Love.

The moment you came, My eyes saw a spark.
The spark was in you and your heart.
That left me with nothing, but falling for you.

You did not do anything.
It was just me and,
My Heart.

That saw,
The purity in your eyes.
The truthfulness in your lips.
The beauty in your  heart.

You found me cute.
But it is just you reflecting from me.
I’ll be the mirror for you.
That would do what you do.
Love you back the same way you do.
Because now, You are me and I am you.

Light and Darkness.

The sun of his life sets.
The power of darkness prevails over light.
In the gust of his sorrow, darkness dwell.
Such purity of darkness, pious than light.

Making him think his life will never be bright.
With his faith in light dying its cruel death.
Looked like the darkness triumphed.
At the darkest minute of his life.

When he thought everything was shattered.
Comes the ray of hope.


Reviving his faith in the light.
Showing him the path, so bright.

Happiness and joy looking upon.
After the darkest moment, came dawn.