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Will you? ♥ – Part 2

Let’s ignite our souls.
With the flame called love.
Where our sorrows burn to ashes.
And brighten our lives. ♥

Let’s walk on the stairway.
Where my love will take you higher.
With every step, I promise.
I’d hold your hand till the end. ♥

My love shall wrap you in it,
Where you’d be safe from the world.
All the sorrows and pain,
I shall take them on me, first. ♥

I shall steal away your words,
That describes meaning of love.
I would show it to you, the real love
My heart to yours, you breathless. ♥

Let me be the imperfection,
In your life so perfect.
For my love, will be the purest,
Like the drop of rain, untouched. ♥

I will surrender myself to you.
Every inch my heart,
Every second of my life,
Every draw of my breath. ♥

With a promise called forever,
You shall be the love of my life.
With my heart for offer,
Will you offer back the same? ♥


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