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Without you.

With you, life had its destiny.
With you, love had its meaning.
With you, heart had its reasons,
With you, moments had its charm.

Where the cloud had its silver line,
When the hearts had their perfect rhyme,
Where the soul found its bliss,
How did you just walk away?

Now these endless nights,
Where I count the stars to the infinite,
With my love beyond them,
You were the moon of my night.

Those moments we shared,
Shatter, making my life so bizzare.
Ironical how beautiful memories,
Could reform, to bitterness so painful.

Lost in the world of darkness,
Where the heart knows only hopelessness,
With every step, on the way of thorns,
I bleed, my dream of love.

On the path of unknown,
I wander,
Where you put me,
Where I am,

Without you.


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